Chronic Care

Offer innovative telehealth options to promote engagement while increasing practice revenue

— Establishing goal oriented outcomes with your patients will drive compliance

— Communication with the BlueStar team keeps the process positive and results oriented

— Our software makes the billing process “painless”


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Monthly revenue for tasks you are may already be providing for free.

Help your patients better manage their diseases by staying connected.

Our U.S. based clinical team works as an extension of your medical practice.

We offer generous revenue share and no upfront costs or long term contract.

At BlueStar, we believe enhanced connection between patients and healthcare providers improves overall health.

With a focus on patient engagement, our staff of dedicated health professionals work with patients and health providers to individualize a plan of care. This Chronic Care Management (CCM) is integral to improving health outcomes. Offering remote monitoring allows our care team to positively impact your patients’ quality of life. Working with your EHR, we document care management collaboration. Our software ensures the process is thorough and maximizes reimbursement. Together, we can better serve your patients with chronic conditions.

Coupling Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management delivers positive results.

Adding physiologic data from your patients to the Chronic Care plan helps to better guide provider collaboration and interventions. Having the most up to date remote readings from our devices will make decision making more confident.

Codes used for billing Chronic Care Management.

In addition to the improved outcomes for your patients, you will also enjoy new revenue for your practice. Below are codes used for billing Chronic Care Management Services.


20-minute timed service provided by clinical staff to coordinate care across providers and support patient accountability.


Additional 20 minutes of clinical staff time spent providing non-complex CCM directed by a physician or other qualified health care professional.


60-minute timed service provided by clinical staff to substantially revise or establish comprehensive care plan that involves moderate- to high-complexity medical decision making.


Additional 30 minutes of clinical staff time spent providing complex CCM directed by a physician or other qualified health care professional.

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