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Lessons From Baghdad Webinar

We am super excited to have you join us for what we already know will be a game changing experience for yourself, your ability to lead, and your healthcare career.

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The Live training will take place on June 11th at 3pm EST (Click the button below to add to your calendar)

Our Speakers:

Dr. Michael Rolli

Michael Rolli, MD

Michael is a proud member of West Point’s Class of 1994.

He studied medicine at the NYU School of Medicine and then served 12 years as an Active Duty medical officer including two deployments to Iraq.

Over the course of his career he spearheaded a multi-million dollar Department of the Army traumatic brain injury research program, implemented one of the first large scale Army telehealth behavioral health screening programs, and oversaw medical operations for a soldier readiness program that screened all soldiers deploying to and returning from combat operations.

Admiral Rob Wray (ret)

Rob Wray, Rear Admiral, US Navy (ret), a mechanical Engineer from the Naval Academy, Admiral Wray spent seven years of active duty as a nuclear engineer on surface ships, carriers, and submarines.

Transferring to the reserves, he enjoyed a varied 20-year career in business, in manufacturing, hospitality, technology, consulting, and construction.

He has Masters from Georgetown University, is a licensed professional engineer, holds a patent, has written two books on leadership.

19 members of his immediate family have served in the military.

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