In-Home Monitoring for Chronic Conditions

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What’s the Problem?

The problem is uncontrolled chronic conditions. It’s the biggest health problem out there today.
  • 100 million Americans have at least two chronic conditions.
  • 2/3 of seniors have two or more.
  • For women over 75, 80% have hypertension.
Chances are, someone in your family has one or more chronic condition.
And they’re dangerous!
And they’re a leading contributor to early death.

What’s the Solution?

There are lots of ways to help with chronic conditions. One way is to monitor your blood pressure, blood glucose, weight as well as other measurements from your home. We can get you started with that remote patient monitoring (RPM) and then watch your results. We interact with you along the way to keep the process simple. If interested, talk with your healthcare provider.
Another way is through Chronic Care Management (CCM). One of our healthcare professionals will be in touch with you periodically to answer any questions you may have about your health: medications, appointments, issues etc.
Together, we can help you navigate a sometimes confusing health journey. Keeping your personal goals in mind, our team is there to address your concerns and help with your chronic care management. 

How Can I Get It?

It’s easy!

1 – Fill out and submit the form below or
2 – Call our partner, BlueStar TeleHealth 800-441-0730 or
3 – Send E-mail to
  • We’ll develop a specific care plan to help you manage your chronic conditions.
  • Our nursing team will stay in touch with you throughout the month to work that plan.
  • If problems arise, we’ll connect you with our caregivers.
Together, we can keep you healthy! 

How Much Does it Cost?

The U.S. federal government reimburses RAN for most of the expense of CCM participation. Depending on your health plan, a co-pay of $5 to $20 monthly may apply.
Would you pay a few dollars a month to control your life-threatening uncontrolled chronic conditions?  We hope so.  Ask your family what they think!

Who is BlueStar?

We’ve partnered with BlueStar Telehealth because they specialize in providing in-home health monitoring.
— Serve thousands of patients across all 50 states.
— Are a veteran-owned company, owned and operated by retired admirals and generals from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.
— Are certified by the Veterans Administration.
— Have won awards for excellence from the Small Business Administration, the Governor, and the Better Business Bureau.
They’re experts in this program, and are fully integrated with your regular care team.

Why is this Good?

Let us be clear:  uncontrolled chronic conditions are dangerous and is nicknamed the “silent killer” for good reason.
Controlling your chronic conditions is good because it can:
  • Improve your overall health
  • Help you live longer and better
  • Reduce the stress on your family

What Do I Do Next?

Ask your family if they’d like to see you get your chronic conditions under control, to live a longer, healthier life.   If they say yes, then:


1 – Fill out and submit the form below or
2 – Call our partner, BlueStar TeleHealth 800-441-0730 or
3 – Send E-mail to
If you have question for RAN Health Services please call (209) 854-3728



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