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We help healthcare providers execute population health programs

Save the difficult steps required for a successful RPM program for us to handle. Your patients and staff will be glad you did.

Contact Our CEO, Rob Wray using the form below or call him (800) 441-0730 Ext. 101

BlueStar Has Significant Experience Launching And Running RPM Programs

Our medical monitoring team helps keep your patients healthy and out of the ER.

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We deliver population health solutions to patient's homes to improve health equity and patient outcomes

We are providing our services to a growing number of hospitals, federally-qualified health centers, and physicians groups, and would be honored to help you in your mission.

We’re hardware and software agnostic. We provide a customized, flexible service suite that includes hardware, software, monitoring, and logistics.

Save time, money, and hassles

Let BlueStar handle the hard stuff and spare your already busy staff the burden of trying to go the DYI route.

Give your patients care and attention

Our smart and friendly medical monitoring team will treat your patients with compassion and competence.

Accessible quality care for all

Telehealth helps healthcare providers deliver care in patient's homes allowing for better care for ALL of their patients anywhere.

How do I learn more?

Reach out to us

Give our CEO a call at (800) 441-0730 Ext. 101 or submit the form below.

Watch the short video below

Our founder & CEO, Admiral Rob Wray (ret.), explains how we're different and why you should schedule a short meeting with us.

Schedule a 20-minute zoom call

During this zoom call we will present our "famous 9-minute pitch" after which we'll answer all of your questions.

We are here to help you with all your remote patient monitoring needs

BlueStar will design a specific system of hardware and software for each client, according to their individual needs. 

We are hardware and software agnostic, and select the best solution for the situation.

Everything is HIPAA compliant and FDA approved.

No upfront cost in inventory or software licenses– we do all that.

We can integrate with any EMR to any extent desired.

Solutions include both cellular and wifi/hub-based.

Meet Admiral Rob Wray

In this 1 minute 53 second video our Founder and CEO, Admiral Rob Wray (ret.), makes our case for why you should meet with us via zoom for 20-30 minutes. We promise it'll be entertaining and very useful to you as you set out to launch an RPM program or fix one that isn't meeting your expectations. We're problem solvers that use technology, not tech/software creators.

Contact our CEO today and let's schedule a short meeting. You will learn how we're different and we'll learn how we can assist you and your organization.

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