Remote Patient Monitoring
for Physicians Practices

BlueStar provides the most complete suite of remote patient monitoring available today, including hardware, software, logistics, nurse monitoring, and patient/staff support. Using our services, clinicians can improve patient care AND generate at least $1500 in additional annual revenue per patient.

Telehealth by the Numbers

Telehealth is exploding, and covid has accelerated that growth. Get on the bandwagon!
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Annual growth of telehealth
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Telehealth as % of all healthcare tech
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% of Americans ready to use telehealth
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# of Americans ready to switch doctors to have access to video visits
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% of seniors ready to manage chronic conditions via telehealth


Telehealth is growing by leaps and bounds, and having tasted it during the pandemic, American consumers are now demanding it.
  • 83% of Americans are ready to use telehealth
  • 70% of seniors said that simple technology would encourage them to use it more
  • 80% of women over 75 have hypertension which could benefit from daily monitoring
  • 60% of seniors would be willing to manage their chronic condition via telehealth
  • 60% of patients said they’d use telehealth more if their doctors told them it was available
  • 76% of consumers prioritize easy access to care over a face-to-face visit
  • A study of 8000 patients showed no difference in care quality between in-person vs telehealth

How Remote Patient Monitoring Works

RPM has five basic steps. If you want, BlueStar can do 98% of the work for you. Or, we can customize the workshare between your staff and our team.


The practice decides which patients are most appropriate for RPM, and notifies BlueStar via e-mail, prescription pad, or EMR entry.


BlueStar will program the equipment, test it, ship it, and train the patient on its use. Then we’ll notify the practice.


BlueStar will maintain the hardware, software, communications, and support to make the data flow from the patient to her family, our nursing staff, and the practice.


Our staff of US-based RN’s will review data daily, and engage with the patient to ensure compliance using our proprietary methods.


If the data shows a need, we’ll notify the practice, which will followup for additional (billable) care. We’ll provide the practice all data required for EMR entries and auditable billing.

Financial Benefits to Your Practice

We GUARANTEE profit and positive cash flow for your RPM program. The numbers below are national averages. Contact BlueStar for an exact financial calculation based on your specific practice location and size.
$ 0
$ 0
Annual Profit/Patient
RPM Only
$ 0
Annual Rev/Patient
RPM + Telehealth
$ 0
Annual Profit/Patient
RPM + Telehealth
$ 0
Annual Revs for 100 Patients

Hassle-Free Execution

BlueStar makes it
happen, seamlessly.

RPM is not about hardware or software. It’s about (a) seamless, hassle-free execution that doesn’t place new burdens on clinical staff, and (b) patient engagement and interaction. BlueStar excels at both. We’re experienced, reliable, and credible.

  • Serving thousands of American families across 50 states
  • SBA Small Business of the Year Award Winner in Maryland
  • Certified by the VA as a Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Small Business
  • Veteran-owned and operated, with 15 generals and admirals on our advisory board, including doctors and nurses
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • 500 positive reviews on the web
  • Founded a 501(c) non-profit foundation to support elderly veterans

All the Devices You’ll Need

BlueStar provides a wide variety of FDA-approved devices, some of which are shown here. All wirelessly transmit data to the cloud. If you have a specific device need, we can handle it.

Pulse Oximeter

Blood Pressure Cuff

Digital Thermometer


Digital Weight Scale

Portable EKG

Patient Engagement is Key!

Remote Patient Monitoring only works if the patient is engaged and compliant. BlueStar’s proprietary Patient Engagement System makes that happen.


We program and ship directly to the patient, and our care team immediately calls afterward to help her set it up and use the equipment and software. We’ve been doing this for years, and are accustomed to helping older adults employ these simple technologies..

Continuous Engagement

Our proprietary system engages the patient with frequent announcements, messages, and surveys. When they lapse in compliance, our system connects and re-engages through e-mail, text, phone, and alternate contacts.

American RN Attention

Our US-based team of qualified healthcare professionals, led by registered nurses, engages nearly daily with the patient, for encouragement, advice, and connection with the clinical team as necessary.

Some Additional Info about Remote Patient Monitoring

Listed below are some great articles and resources for those who want more info on telehealth technology for seniors and remote patient monitoring. (Click on the title to read.)

TeleMedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet

Provided by, this 7-page article is a great overview of medicare coverage and payment of virtual services.

AMA Telehealth Implementation Playbook

This is part of a series of “playbooks” issued by the American Medical Association to help guide those venturing into telehealth.

AMA Digital Health and Remote Patient Monitoring Playbook

Part of the AMA’s “playbook” series, the middle portion of this 100+ document focuses on RPM.

Telemedicine During a Public Health Emergency

A list of frequently asked questions, provided by the American Medical Association.

Billing for Telehealth Encounters

This is an introductory guide on fee-for-service from the National Telehealth Policy Resource Center, which is part of the Center for Connected Health Policy.

Emerging Technologies to Support an Aging Population

This report is from the Committee on Technology from the President’s National Science and Technology Council.

Development of a Remote Hypertension Management Program

This is a clinical study which demonstrated remote patient monitoring improving hypertension control from about 50% to over 90%.

A Guide to Remote Patient Monitoring

This excellent guide was produced by AliveCor, and is probably the best overview we’ve seen. For more info,

Technology for Aging

This January 2021 report from the Aging and Health Technology Watch provides an overview of the market, and lists nearly 100 emerging technologies.

Remote Care Technology and Older Adults

A December 2020 report from the Aging and Health Technology Watch on how tech can better connect seniors with care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions
None. You buy no equipment; you have no long-term contracts; you have no financial obligations whatsoever. You can quit the program at any time, with no penalty.

Our full-service suite does 98% of the work associated with RPM—you simply tell us which patients you’d like to enroll, and we do everything else. However, if you want to adjust the workflow or workshare or process to meet your specific needs, we can do that.

We generally say that if the practice does nothing but let BlueStar run the program, the practice will generate about $30 per patient per month in new profit. If the practice incorporates telehealth using the HIPAA-compliant video tablet that we provide to RPM patients, the practice can generate $100 per patient per month in new profit. For an analysis of your specific practice, e-mail BlueStar and we’ll send you one.
Each month, BlueStar will provide a comprehensive report showing which patients qualified for reimbursement for which CPT codes. We can document this in your EMR if desired. It will provide all the information for your billing team to submit directly to CMS.
If you choose, you can enroll your first patient tomorrow. We have a standard 2 to 4 week onboarding process, but can speed it up, or slow it down, as you desire.
Our FAQ page provides another 20 questions—please take a look!
BlueStar TeleHealth

Deciding on an RPM Partner

There are many RPM providers out there. Some are great; some aren’t. BlueStar focuses on providing a complete full-service suite to busy healthcare practices who want to focus on delivering care, not managing boxes and software.

Experienced, Proven

BlueStar serves thousands of families nationwide. We’re not new at this. We’ve been there and done that, and the awards we’ve won attest to our ability to get it done.


Many RPM providers only provide some of the 17 things needed to deliver the complete package. We provide them all. Plus, we can provide Chronic Condition Management (CCM) services, and more.

Military Dedication

Our reliable veteran team is dedicated to you and your practice. We are mission focused. We’ll leave no stone unturned in delivering the service you need to support your patients and staff.

Focused on Engagement

Some providers focus on hardware or software. We focus on patient engagement, which is the key to a successful RPM program. It ain’t about software or peripherals—it’s about people.

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