BlueStar crafts custom programs to support populations, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

COVID-19 Risk Management and Monitoring

BlueStar can help a provider manage an at-risk population, to monitor general wellness and the potential onset of COVID-19 related symptoms. We have several methods available. For instance, we can provide digital blue-tooth-enabled thermometers and pulse-ox meters that automatically report to the cloud, and to a system that can generate exception reports to show which patients warrant additional attention. Or, we can provide less expensive programs, in which patients enter their data into a web portal, or in which BlueStar calls the patient every day with a wellness check to determine temperature and pulse-ox readings. We can also administer COVID-19 assessments, either third-party, or specifically tailored for the provider and population in question.

Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM provides targeted telehealth solutions, allowing healthcare providers to monitor patients inexpensively at home. For example, a patient with high blood pressure can be given an in-home monitor to inform the provider when problems are building. We can involve the family in the care effort using smartphone applications that let family members know when the patient’s blood pressure is too high or too low. RPM is an inexpensive solution for any simple chronic condition, including populations at risk of COVID-19. RPM saves lives, and, when used judiciously, reduces total healthcare costs.

Medication Adherence

Too many people skip their medicine, or take the wrong pill at the wrong time. With some patient populations averaging $500/month in medicine costs, it makes health and economic sense to ensure adherence. BlueStar systems can help ensure patients take the right medicine at the right time, using methods that range from simple phone calls, to automated systems, to smart medicine dispensers that notify caregivers when medicine has been taken.

Medicare Advantage (MA) Value-Added

BlueStar programs and services can be employed by MA providers to add value to members and differentiate the provider from other MA providers, leading to increased enrollment.

Emergency Room Reduction

If a health provider has a large population, a certain number of those use the emergency room (ER) very frequently, which drives up costs to the provider. Our in-home technology and human-to-human phone calls can reduce the ER usage of these frequent-flyers, saving the provider $5 for every $1 invested. Contact us for a full explanation of the program.

High-Touch CareCalls

BlueStar can call patient populations to check on them, ask questions, and give medicine reminders. Simple solutions begin with auto-dialer calls with interactive voice response, which include follow up calls for those who don’t respond positively to the auto-dialer. BlueStar can also provide human-to-human calls in lieu of automated systems. After each call, our team can log the answers in a system (allowing for easy trend analysis) or e-mail a feedback report summarizing the results to family caregivers, or healthcare professionals. We can make calls at any frequency desired, ranging from several times a day to once a month. Our calling systems allow us to provide these services at costs significantly less than other services.

Population Assessments

Through our partnership with Avixena, we can provide over-the-phone assessments of your patients, in groups from 1 to 10,000. We can provide assessments for COVID-19; for Social Determinants of Health (SDOH); to reduce re-admissions; to facilitate transition from care facility to home; for PHP 2 and PHP 9; for in-home safety; for third-party care providers.

Prescription Discount Cards

If your group has members paying for their own prescriptions over the counter, our prescription discount card provides the greatest discounts available in the United States. Ask for more information.

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