The United States has one of the highest maternal mortality rates among developed nations. With your help BlueStar aims to change that.

The Issue

Maternal Mortality Rates by State

infant mortality rates by states 2020

Maternal Mortality Rates by Ethnicity

Ethnic breakdown highlights the chasm of health inequity that persists and continues to hold true regardless of socioeconomic status.
Maternal Mortality Rates by Ethnicity

Causes of Maternal Mortality

Causes of Maternal Mortality

BlueStar's Maternal Health Solutions

If your organization is considering adopting a maternal health program you’re at the right place.

Below we describe BlueStar’s capability to deliver the remote maternal health services, and we provide a pricing structure with approximate costs.

Maternal health is a broad term and the extent of remote health monitoring warranted is dependent upon the specific conditions your organization seeks to manage or avert and the risk level of the patient. Therefore, the pricing below is likely to be adjusted when the specific scope of work is defined. We believe the approximate information provided will allow you to move forward with discussions and evaluation of a potential program.

When you are ready, we are prepared to meet face-to-face to define a very specific scope of work, and to provide an exact and binding quote for our maternal health services.

Maternal health care1

The Goal

“Almost two thirds of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. Recognizing the urgent maternal warning signs, getting an accurate and timely diagnosis, and quality care can save lives.” Source: US Centers for Disease Control

This is What BlueStar Does

We would be proud to help your organization improve maternal health for the population you serve.

Like the proverbial “canary in the coal mine”, remote monitoring with in-home equipment and a skilled nursing staff identifies budding problems and brings them to the attention of caregivers before they become ER crises.

The data consistently demonstrates remote monitoring in pregnancy reduces costs and may improve health equity across ethnic, urban/rural, and socioeconomic groups by removing barriers to healthcare and increasing patient satisfaction.

remote patient monitoring

A Potential Program for High-Risk Pregnancies


We understand the following:

Your organization will have its own methodology for determining ROI, and that anything we propose at this juncture is simplistic.
The measure of value of a maternal health program goes far beyond the simple “investment vs cost savings” math.

It includes improved outcomes for mother and baby, better STARS and HEDIS ratings, etc.

Maternal health care2

Here Are 5 Maternal Health Solutions BlueStar Offers




Simplest Form of Remote Monitoring


Base: Video Plus Peripherals


Enhanced: Video Plus Enhanced Monitoring


Maximum Care: Video plus enhanced monitoring and surveys

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