BlueStar TeleHealth helps healthcare providers execute CCM, RPM, and maternal health programs

Delivering the last mile of telehealth into the home, Bluestar provides fully customized full-service solutions.

Our Guarantee

Our CMO and CEO provide a four-point GUARANTEE to any of our clients:

1) Clinical Efficacy.   In a study of 5000+ of our hypertension patients, we lowered Systolic BP by an average of 12 mmHg.  That equates to a 30% reduction in the risk of stroke or heart attack.

2) Positive Cash Flow.   We will absolutely, positively guarantee that our costs will be less than your reimbursements for RPM and/or CCM.  If it ain’t, you don’t pay.

3) No Staff Hassle.  You don’t need new staff.  We do all the work: enrollment, training, hardware, software, monitoring, admin.  All you do is take care of your patients.

4) Patient Happiness.  Patients love our program, and we have quantitative feedback to prove it.

Please let us help you help your deserving patients.   For a specific proposal for your specific situation, please use the button below to schedule a short meeting.  We’re busy– we promise not to waste your time.

A few of our clients we proudly serve

Our Services

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Why Clients Choose Us

remote patient monitoring, chronic condition management

Our CEO, Admiral Rob Wray (Ret), offers five reasons to spend 15 minutes on a zoom call with him and our CMO in this video

Our full-service solutions include the following:

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