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In the short video to the right our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michael Rolli, makes the case for why it’s so important to monitor your high blood pressure to avoid the dangers that uncontrolled hypertension are notorious for.


Let’s Get Started

If you received an iBloodPressure Cuff please watch the short video below for instructions on how to set it up and to take your blood pressure readings. There are additional instructions below as well. If you need assistance please call us at (800) 441-0730 send an email to

Instructions below are for a blood pressure cuff with a tablet

Instructions below are for a blood pressure cuff without a tablet

Patient Activation Form

Submit the form below indicating whether or not you were able to get your device(s) operational. If not, we'll get you support. If successful we'll be sure our medical team reaches out to you to initiate the remote patient monitoring process.

Status of Activation(Required)
Please let us know if you successfully activated your equipment or if you need assistance.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
We require a phone number to be sure we register the activation to the correct person on file.

Need Help?

Please send us an email with your name and phone number and we’ll quickly respond. Use

Or call us at (800) 441-0730

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