Admiral Wray’s Guarantee for Physicians

We can provide RPM and CCM services to your patients that I guarantee will:

Admiral Rob Wray - CEO, BlueStar TeleHealth1) Improve health outcomes, measurably, reliably (A study of 5800 of our patients showed a 30% reduction in the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Ask for a copy.)

2) Be cash-flow positive to your practice (We guarantee $40 profit per patient per month.  125 patients would be $60,000 a year in profit. 400 patients=$200k profit. Ask for a link to our ROI Calculator)

3) Be no new hassle or burden to your staff  (We do everything– enrollment, hardware, software, training, monitoring, logistics, EMR, etc.)

We don’t have salespeople.  Just the CMO, Dr. Mike Rolli, and me, the Admiral/CEO.  We won’t waste your time.


Robert O. Wray, Jr.

Rear Admiral, USN (ret)


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