BlueStar TeleHealth Launches Chronic Condition Management (CCM) Services

The new CCM services seek to improve outcomes in patients
suffering from a wide range of chronic diseases with revenue positive, tech-enabled services.

Already known for its remote patient monitoring services, BlueStar TeleHealth’s expansion into CCM furnishes healthcare providers with a window into how well patients with multiple chronic conditions are being managed between visits, offering opportunities for early-intervention, and increasing compliance with self-care and pharmacotherapy.  The new services comply with CMS and third-party insurer requirements,  improve patient outcomes, decrease ED utilization, and provide a stable revenue stream to clinical practices.

In response to the growing burden that multiple, chronic disease states place on patient morbidity and mortality, coupled with the unsustainable, systemic financial cost they incur, reimbursable CPT codes were introduced to incentivize medical practices to partner with companies like BlueStar to provide hardware, software and monitoring services to their qualifying patients.  BlueStar’s technologies and qualified healthcare staff allow practitioners to offer preventative services and increase treatment compliance with the goal of keeping patients healthier and reducing the need for costly acute interventions.

Dr. Michael Rolli, Chief Medical Officer at BlueStar, notes, “What happens between office visits often drives patient outcomes far more than what any individual provider prescribes or counsels when face-to-face with a patient.  We’ve created a system whereby clinicians gain visibility into a patient’s condition when they’re at home.  Our staff reinforce and impart feedback on prescribed treatments without increasing the workload of the referring practice.”

As more medical professionals begin offering Chronic Condition Management services to their patients, forward thinking medical practices will benefit from BlueStar’s turnkey service and support, allowing medical professionals to maintain their focus on providing excellent healthcare to patients.

About BlueStar TeleHealth

BlueStar provides telehealth services to help clinical caregivers connect with their remote patients. In business since 2013, BlueStar now serves thousands of families across all 50 states. The business is Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned and certified by the Veterans Administration. Its CEO and COO are retired two-star admirals. BlueStar’s board of advisors consists of 15 generals and admirals from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, including doctors and nurses. BlueStar has won commendations from the Small Business Association, the Governor of Maryland, and the Better Business Bureau.

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