Care Management Tools Can Mitigate Clinician Burnout

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Although technology alone can’t solve clinician burnout, it can provide the means for organizations to provide better care while increasing efficiency and alleviating stress.

Source: Oncology Nursing News

Findings from an American Medical Association (AMA) national survey of nearly 21,000 health care professionals show that nearly half (49%) reported at least 1 symptom of burnout, and 43% said they suffered from work overload.1

The costs of clinician burnout are steep; a 2019 study estimated that physician burnout costs the US health care industry $4.6 billion annually, mostly through clinician turnover and a reduction of clinical hours.2

Subsequently, there are personal and professional costs. Clinicians with burnout may exhibit multiple symptoms, including low energy, exhaustion, compassion fatigue, insomnia, irritability, alcohol and drug abuse, and a lack of purpose in their jobs.3 Clinician burnout also can affect quality of care because physicians under physical and emotional duress are more prone to making mistakes, leading to poorer outcomes and increasing the risk of malpractice exposure.

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