Digital Health Pilot Dramatically Improves Outcomes for Medicaid Patients Battling Chronic Diseases

Doctor on video call with disabled senior patient

Findings of Ochsner Health pilot show nearly 50% of hypertensive patients reach their control goals in just the first few months of participation

Ochsner Health – one of the largest health systems in the Southeastern United States – released the findings of a new pilot program that highlights how access to digital medicine with remote patient management can improve outcomes for Medicaid patients battling chronic diseases like Hypertension.

The statistically and clinically significant results of the pilot program– one of the first in the country – showed that enrollment in Ochsner Digital Medicine brought nearly half of all out-of-control Hypertension patients under control at only 90 days, which was 23% more likely than usual care. Control rates continued to improve as patients remained in the program during its first 18 months. .

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