BlueStar is pleased to offer you Florence (or Flo to her friends), a simple text messaging program to help you manage your health. Named after the famous nurse Florence Nightingale, Flo easily extends care to you via your phone. Your healthcare team wants to provide you this information explaining why Flo is important and how it can help you.

Why should I use Flo?

Life is busy! Sometimes it’s hard to remember what your care provider recommends that you do to be healthy. Flo is an easy way to help you to keep track of your health by sending texts to your mobile phone.

How does Flo work?

Your first text introduces Flo (“Hi, this is Flo”) and asks you to agree to use texts to track your health. You agree by replying Yes to Flo, and scheduled messaging will begin. You will see a text from 213-377-1830. Add Flo to your contacts so you know texts are from Flo.

What messages will Flo send me? 

Text messages depend upon the care pathway chosen for you. Flo usually sends two types of messages: Reminders are a suggestion, such as adding a walk to your day. Readings ask you to reply to Flo, such as sharing a blood pressure measure or texting a reply when Flo asks a question. Flo lets you know about your reading, and if it’s in a normal or outside normal range. Flo may give you more suggestions.

What else should I know about Flo?

  • All messages from Flo are for you only, to track and monitor your own health
  • Your health care team does not regularly monitor your messages back to Flo
  • Your cell phone is private, so please do not share Flo messages with others
  • If you don’t feel well, call the clinic. If an emergency, seek care right away or call 911
  • You can stop messages any time by texting “stop”
  • If your phone plan does not have unlimited texting, you will be charged for texts

All messages from Flo are developed by a team of experts and your healthcare team. Flo messaging follows best practice guidelines, so that texts Flo sends you are safe to follow.

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