Health Worker Burnout

healthcare worker burnout hhs

Why health worker burnout matters

The realities of our health care system are driving many health workers to burnout. They are at an increased risk for mental health challenges and choosing to leave the health workforce early. They work in distressing environments that strain their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. This will make it harder for patients to get care when they need it.

What health care organizations can do:

  1. Build a commitment to the health and safety of health workers into the fabric of health organizations.
  2. Review and revise policies to ensure health workers are not deterred from seeking appropriate care for their physical health, mental health, and/or substance use challenges.
  3. Increase access to high-quality, confidential mental health and substance use care for all health workers.
  4. Rebuild community and social connection among health workers to mitigate burnout and feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  5. Combat bias, racism, and discrimination in the workplace.
  6. Invest in health prevention and social services to address health inequities.

Health and Human Services has published a great resource for anyone concerned about health worker burnout:

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