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Which "fact" below ain't true?

Each month in our 8-in-2 Telehealth Tribune we list 3 claims and ask readers to select the “fact” they believe ain’t true. From subscribers who choose correctly we randomly choose a winner and award them with a $100 worth of candy. Deadline to submit your answer is 5 pm eastern Oct 16th.

In order to be chosen as a winner you must be an active subscriber to our 8-in-2 Telehealth Tribune. If you are not a subscriber please complete the short form above and join our other friends!

Quiz: Which Ain't True (Oct 2023)

Which of the 3 claims listed below ain't true?(Required)
One of these three well-known facts just ain’t true. Can you guess? You might win a prize! 
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September's Correct Answer

Quiz: Which Ain’t True?

1. Honey never spoils.
2. Eating carrots improves your night vision.
3. An octopus has three hearts. 

#2 Ain’t true! Eating carrots does not improve your night vision.

Last month’s winner of $100 worth of candy was Lisa R. in Leesburg VA 

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