Digital Health Implementation Playbook

The 2022 AMA Digital Health and RPM Playbook provides a comprehensive guide for adopting RPM into your health care organization.  It’s exhaustive path to implementation offers a playbook for assessing your needs, prepping your health care organization and scaling your program.
While this is a great resource for any organization dipping its toes into RPM you can also just call us BlueStar and we’ll do all the work for you.  We’ll assess your needs, develop a plan that conforms to YOUR specific requirements and YOUR specific patient population all at no cost to you.  We can also take care of all the back end grunt work (hardware, software, connectivity, tech support, shipping, inventory, monitoring, equipment refurb, etc.) also at no cost to you.  There’s no need for you to hire additional staff.  There’s no additional burden placed on your providers.  They take care of the clinical care.  We take of the rest.  
Give us a call at (800) 441-0730 or send us an email ( and we can get your personalized RPM program up and running in less than a month.
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