BlueStar TeleHealth Partners with Generated Health

Allows Text-Based Patient Engagement

Washington DC, Nov 30, 2023: BlueStar TeleHealth, a leading provider of chronic condition management (CCM) services in the United States, serves thousands of patients nationally. Recognizing the importance of continuous patient engagement, Blue Star will begin using Generated Health’s Florence system to enhance the quality and frequency of patient interactions, improving chronic condition management and patient health outcomes.

Florence is a text-based platform to engage patients consistently and ensure they adhere to care plans set by primary care physicians. Florence has already delivered tremendous value during trials with medical systems in the United Kingdom and in pilots with the Veterans Health Administration in the US. Florence consistently achieves better patient engagement and health outcomes, while reducing urgent care needs, and streamlining healthcare team efforts.

Admiral Rob Wray (Ret.), CEO of BlueStar TeleHealth, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. “Integrating Generated Health’s Florence system is a major step in our commitment to enhancing patient care. This innovative solution will foster greater engagement and significantly improve health outcomes.”

Mike Rolli, CMO of BlueStar TeleHealth, also commented on the partnership. “Florence’s intelligent messaging system is a perfect fit for our mission to deliver comprehensive, top-tier remote healthcare. It empowers patients to manage their health effectively, ensuring better adherence to treatment and freeing up critical resources for clinical priorities.”

About BlueStar TeleHealth:
BlueStar TeleHealth specializes in delivering the final mile of telehealth services into patients’ homes. Their comprehensive offerings include hardware, software, care plans, nurse monitoring, logistics, tech support, customer service, patient recruitment, onboarding, equipment management, and retrieval. This approach enables caregiving organizations to focus primarily on clinical care while BlueStar handles the complexities of delivering telehealth services.

About Generated Health:
Generated Health’s Florence system delivers precise, psychology-based intelligent health messaging, empowering patients with user-friendly tools that enhance self-management and adherence to care plans. Through their innovative approach, Generated Health significantly contributes to improving health outcomes while optimizing time and resources for clinicians and the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Media contact: David Coakley – SVP Growth – (800) 441-0730 Ext 105

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