An interesting article in Physician's Weekly states that RPM is the cresting wave of the future—a win win-win for clinicians, payors, and patients likely to become as essential to healthcare as mobile phones are to modern life.

A2021 survey of hospitals and clinics found that 20% and 23%, respectively, had either already adopted remote patient monitoring (RPM) or planned to do so within 12 months. Individual physicians, however, have been somewhat slow to adopt RPM; a recent Medical Group Management Association poll of more than 500 healthcare leaders found that 75% of medical practices do not yet offer RPM services. RPM programs can be easily implemented and operated. The AMA’s 12-step RPM Playbook provides detailed guidelines, noting that a key to success is finding a vendor “who will be a long-term partner and not just someone to execute a transaction.” Here’s a link to the full article in Physician’s Weekly:
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