What is Remote Patient Monitoring, Its Benefits, and Uses?

While not entirely new, remote patient monitoring has become more popular and well-known in recent years. This is thanks to the increasing use of digital devices, the ability to analyze data, and the growing demand for convenient healthcare solutions. Whether you work in healthcare, are a patient, or just interested in what’s next in healthcare, […]

How Telehealth Supports Maternal Health Needs

Remote patient monitoring software has become essential in supporting maternal health needs. Staff are stretched thin in hospital settings. To help bridge the gap, telehealth solutions provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to manage care for expecting mothers. How so? By utilizing remote patient monitoring software, healthcare professionals can track vitals, monitor symptoms, and easily communicate […]

How Healthcare Providers Use Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Did you know that over 3.6 million patients cannot get the healthcare they need because of transportation issues? The past several years have highlighted the need for solutions to improve health access and patient health tracking. Telehealth, including remote patient monitoring software, is currently leading the way in addressing these challenges. Patients sometimes need monitoring or regular communication with […]

The Benefits of Telehealth Monitoring for Remote Patients

The Benefits of Telehealth Monitoring for Remote Patients It’s a familiar nightmare for those of us living in remote and rural areas – you wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick, but you are miles away from the nearest doctor’s office. Thankfully, with the advent of telehealth monitoring, remote patients now have […]

What Does Remote Patient Monitoring Software Include?

According to a recent survey, more Americans are open to embracing telehealth services than ever before. It found that about one-third of people are utilizing these services each year. With this in mind, many medical facilities are starting to extend telehealth options to patients. Some of them are also using remote patient monitoring, or RPM, to keep a […]

World Hypertension Day – May 17

On May 17th, we celebrate World Hypertension Day

On May 17th, we celebrate World Hypertension Day, a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of monitoring blood pressure and bringing global awareness to the 1 billion people living with high blood pressure worldwide. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is defined as a systolic blood pressure consistently above 140 mm Hg and/or diastolic blood […]

8 Recommendations for Improving Transition Care Management in the US


Improving the management of transition care in the US is crucial to achieving better patient outcomes, decreasing readmissions, and reducing healthcare costs. To overcome the obstacles and challenges in implementing effective transitional care management services, here are some recommendations for healthcare providers, policymakers, and other stakeholders: By taking these recommendations into account, healthcare providers, policymakers, […]

Study shows remote patient monitoring reduced hospital and ER visits for patients with COPD

Study shows RPM reduced hospital and ER visits

Remote Monitoring Reduces Hospitalization Rates and Emergency Room Visits for COPD PatientsLink to the study: https://www.dovepress.com/getfile.php?fileID=87892A recent study has shown that remote monitoring can significantly reduce hospitalization rates and emergency room visits for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The study also found that outpatient office visits increased, suggesting that remote patient monitoring may […]

7 Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) refers to the use of digital technologies to remotely monitor patients’ health status outside traditional healthcare settings. Here are some of the benefits of remote patient monitoring: In conclusion, remote patient monitoring has many benefits, including improved patient outcomes, increased access to care, cost-effectiveness, patient empowerment, efficient healthcare delivery, early detection […]

Benefits of Chronic Disease Management

prevention is the key

Benefits of Chronic Disease Management Effective management of chronic diseases can have a multitude of advantages for both patients and the healthcare system. These benefits include better health outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs. Patients with chronic conditions can experience better control over their health by following comprehensive management strategies. This can result […]

Physicians suffer when hospitals struggle to find digital health solutions

digital health solutions

Hospitals are facing challenges in selecting digital health solutions, causing delays that hurt physicians and the bottom line, according to a report from Panda Health. The report suggests that hospitals are not realizing the full potential of available digital health solutions. The report is based off a survey of 100 hospital executives, conducted by healthcare consultancy Sage Growth […]

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