World Hypertension Day – May 17

On May 17th, we celebrate World Hypertension Day

On May 17th, we celebrate World Hypertension Day, a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of monitoring blood pressure and bringing global awareness to the 1 billion people living with high blood pressure worldwide. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is defined as a systolic blood pressure consistently above 140 mm Hg and/or diastolic blood […]

8 Recommendations for Improving Transition Care Management in the US


Improving the management of transition care in the US is crucial to achieving better patient outcomes, decreasing readmissions, and reducing healthcare costs. To overcome the obstacles and challenges in implementing effective transitional care management services, here are some recommendations for healthcare providers, policymakers, and other stakeholders: Enhance care coordination and communication: Establishing centralized communication platforms […]

Study shows remote patient monitoring reduced hospital and ER visits for patients with COPD

Study shows RPM reduced hospital and ER visits

Remote Monitoring Reduces Hospitalization Rates and Emergency Room Visits for COPD Patients Link to the study: A recent study has shown that remote monitoring can significantly reduce hospitalization rates and emergency room visits for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The study also found that outpatient office visits increased, suggesting that remote patient […]

7 Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) refers to the use of digital technologies to remotely monitor patients’ health status outside traditional healthcare settings. Here are some of the benefits of remote patient monitoring: Improved patient outcomes: RPM allows healthcare providers to track patients’ health status in real-time and provide timely interventions. This improves patient outcomes, as healthcare […]

Benefits of Chronic Disease Management

prevention is the key

Effective management of chronic diseases can have a multitude of advantages for both patients and the healthcare system. These benefits include better health outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs. Patients with chronic conditions can experience better control over their health by following comprehensive management strategies. This can result in a better quality of […]

Physicians suffer when hospitals struggle to find digital health solutions

digital health solutions

Hospitals are facing challenges in selecting digital health solutions, causing delays that hurt physicians and the bottom line, according to a report from Panda Health. The report suggests that hospitals are not realizing the full potential of available digital health solutions. The report is based off a survey of 100 hospital executives, conducted by healthcare consultancy Sage Growth […]

Know the Warning Signs of a Ministroke (TIA)

Know the Warning Signs of a Ministroke (TIA)

It is important to be aware of the warning signs of a transient ischemic attack (TIA), or ministroke, as they can lead to serious complications. Common warning signs include sudden onset of weakness, numbness or paralysis on one side of the body, slurred speech or difficulty understanding others, blindness in one or both eyes, dizziness, […]

Best Practice Guide: Telehealth for maternal health services

Maternal health care6

Maternal health care is critical for the long-term health and success of parents and children. Health equity in maternal care has long been a struggle, especially for those in rural and underserved communities. Telehealth is one way to bridge those gaps. This guide will highlight the needs and procedures for a successful maternal telehealth program. […]

RPM 101: What Is Remote Patient Monitoring, Its Benefits, and Uses?


Remote patient monitoring programs, technologies, and protocols are becoming increasingly popular, backed by growing clinical evidence and a slew of non-clinical benefits. THE BASICS OF RPM RPM can be used to treat both chronic and acute conditions, enabling clinicians to keep tabs on patients in-between clinic visits or when in-person care is not possible. For […]

Remote Patient Monitoring: It’s Easier Than You Think

Best Remote Patient Monitoring

An interesting article in Physician’s Weekly states that RPM is the cresting wave of the future—a win win-win for clinicians, payors, and patients likely to become as essential to healthcare as mobile phones are to modern life. A2021 survey of hospitals and clinics found that 20% and 23%, respectively, had either already adopted remote patient […]

Care Management Tools Can Mitigate Clinician Burnout

burnout increasing 1

Although technology alone can’t solve clinician burnout, it can provide the means for organizations to provide better care while increasing efficiency and alleviating stress. Source: Oncology Nursing News Findings from an American Medical Association (AMA) national survey of nearly 21,000 health care professionals show that nearly half (49%) reported at least 1 symptom of burnout, […]

Physician Burnout is Real

Physician Burnout is Real

The health care environment—with its packed work days, demanding pace, time pressures, and emotional intensity—can put physicians and other clinicians at high risk for burnout.