Best Practice Guide: Telehealth for maternal health services

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Maternal health care is critical for the long-term health and success of parents and children. Health equity in maternal care has long been a struggle, especially for those in rural and underserved communities. Telehealth is one way to bridge those gaps. This guide will highlight the needs and procedures for a successful maternal telehealth program. […]

RPM 101: What Is Remote Patient Monitoring, Its Benefits, and Uses?

Remote patient monitoring programs, technologies, and protocols are becoming increasingly popular, backed by growing clinical evidence and a slew of non-clinical benefits. THE BASICS OF RPM RPM can be used to treat both chronic and acute conditions, enabling clinicians to keep tabs on patients in-between clinic visits or when in-person care is not possible. For […]

Remote Patient Monitoring: It’s Easier Than You Think

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An interesting article in Physician’s Weekly states that RPM is the cresting wave of the future—a win win-win for clinicians, payors, and patients likely to become as essential to healthcare as mobile phones are to modern life. A2021 survey of hospitals and clinics found that 20% and 23%, respectively, had either already adopted remote patient […]

Care Management Tools Can Mitigate Clinician Burnout

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Although technology alone can’t solve clinician burnout, it can provide the means for organizations to provide better care while increasing efficiency and alleviating stress. Source: Oncology Nursing News Findings from an American Medical Association (AMA) national survey of nearly 21,000 health care professionals show that nearly half (49%) reported at least 1 symptom of burnout, […]

Physician Burnout is Real

The health care environment—with its packed work days, demanding pace, time pressures, and emotional intensity—can put physicians and other clinicians at high risk for burnout.

New UMCC study highlights success of remote patient monitoring

Published by the University of Mississippi Medical Center By: Ruth Cummins, When Will Townes’ blood pressure needed managing, he started on a prescription drug but wasn’t getting the results he wanted to be his healthiest self. “It was not regulating my blood pressure at all, and it was making it worse,” said Townes, the married […]

Improving The Continuum Of Patient Care Through Technology

In past years, governments and health systems have explored ways to address health population management and chronic disease challenges. I’ve seen an increase in efforts to come up with new and efficient outpatient hospital models by leveraging digital channels and partnerships, including those highlighted by Becker’s Hospital Review. Specifically, there has been much discussion around restructuring healthcare teams […]

Is remote patient monitoring right for your practice?

Interest in remote patient monitoring (RPM) — using digital technologies to track and capture patients’ medical/health data and electronically transmitting it to their health care providers — has been growing for years. But it accelerated in 2020 with the steep decline in in-person patient visits brought on by COVID-19, which forced health care providers to […]

Blood Pressure Control Worsened During COVID Pandemic

Blood pressure control declined in both men and women with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States in 2020, especially among women and older adults, according to a new analysis. “We know that even small rises in blood pressure increase one’s risk of stroke and other adverse cardiovascular disease events,” lead author Luke J. […]

Voice-only telehealth may go away with pandemic rules expiring

Community clinics say the easing of restrictions on telehealth during the pandemic has made it possible for health workers to connect with hard-to-reach patients via a phone call — people who are poor, elderly or live in remote areas, and don’t have access to a computer or cellphone with video capability.